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Magical Monday- Book review

February 21, 2011


Ohhh books. Literature and Language, Art and Imagination coming together to create something of interest ❤


I have decided that every Monday I will personally review a children’s book or add a review of a children’s books.  I am very excited about this portion of the blog as literature opens opportunities to explore with your child or a group of children.

I think children deserve areas in their lives to feel comfortable with big cushions, soft blankets, low ceilings and as many books as possible.

Reading and listening to a story promotes creative thinking in all aspects of a child’s life. Books are capable of  taking children to new locations, meet crazy characters and experience emotions. Also, by reading and hearing different stories and poems children gain the ability to identify with characters and build curiosity. It allows children to be exposed to a variety of concepts, communications, reasoning and problem solving.


To get us started here is a book that is flying off the shelves and being recommended by many people in my life.:

From School Library Journal

“Starred Review. Kindergarten-Grade 4—Holding true to the original title for adults, Three Cups of Tea (Viking, 2006), this moving story will amaze and inspire young readers. After getting lost while climbing the world’s second tallest mountain, the K2 in the Baltistan region of Pakistan, Mortenson, a nurse, stumbled into a small village and learned of the dire circumstances in which local people lived. While recovering, Dr. Greg met the children of Korphe, who were eager to learn but were forced to write their lessons with sticks on the ground. Wanting to do something special for the village, he was encouraged by wise man Haji Ali to “listen to the wind.” Dr. Greg listened, heard the eager voices of students at their lessons, and promised to return to build a school. The remarkable account of this quest, which involved constructing a bridge and manually carrying supplies to the building site, is magnificently enhanced by Roth’s colorful collages. As explained in an artist’s note, she incorporated fabric, bits of paper, and other fibers into the scenery in appreciation of the Balti people’s aesthetic use of scraps. “A Korphe Scrapbook” follows the story, displaying photographs of the events, the village’s inhabitants, and the librarian who helped to fill this school and the 57 more schools that have since been built in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Readers are informed that it is easy to make a difference by donating pennies to support education in impoverished countries. This truly exceptional and moving title should not be missed.—Michele Shaw, Quail Run Elementary School, San Ramon, CA”
Also on a adult side note. The full length novel “Three cups of tea” is overwhelmingly inspiring.


Next Monday we will take a step towards a variety of books the good, bad and the ugly ( as they say).

as always I am open to suggestions….


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Varya permalink
    February 22, 2011 12:18 am

    Jessie, cool idea! Do you own this book? If yes, could I have a peek?

  2. Calli permalink
    February 22, 2011 4:21 am

    I LOVE this idea! Reading to and with kids is soooo important! Way to go Jessie – Love the Blog xo

  3. February 28, 2011 10:56 pm

    I love this idea! we are constantly looking for positive and motivational books for our kids! we will go check this out at the book store tonight! thank you! I can’t wait for more book reviews!

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