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Educator Essentials

February 25, 2011

Educators work hard.

You deserve the best.

Here is a list of things you may be interested in …


1. A Quality Mug– These are from a Vancouver based Etsy store. All proceeds from the shop go to Just Potters, a division of Just Work. Just Work employs individuals who face some kind of barrier to the traditional work force, such as struggles with addiction, mental health issues, disability, homelessness or may be new immigrants. Just Work provides flexible work expectations and support for individuals hoping to return to a more traditional work environment.

2. Boots! Water proof shoes are pretty important when you live in a city like Vancouver rain boots are essential. Also when you are an educator you will be outside alllllllll the time and puddle jumping is more fun than you can imagine…

3. Slippers for when your inside, soft and comfortable that will last some time.

4. A Great PEN– We are working on Observation and documentation in class right now and a Running Record is extremely exhausting and requires some serious concentration. You deserve to love the pen you’re holding


5. A place to go after a hard days of work to eat local food, sip wine and visit with friends and family…


(I did take a little extra time to find essentials that either local or available in Vancouver.)



Educators work hard.

You deserve the best.

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