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Magical Monday- Book review

March 1, 2011





“Linda Bailey and Josée Masse’s playful collaboration, Goodnight, Sweet Pig, is an enjoyable addition to the voluminous collection of counting books for young children. As a succession of visitors call into Pig number one’s bedroom, the poor little pig is unable to sleep.  With one pig after another crowding into the room, Pig number one becomes increasingly frustrated.

Pig number two turns on the light. Pig number three watches TV. Pig four juggles, and pig five bangs on drums, but these are only minor inconveniences compared to the tenth pig, a famous basketball star that brings along his whole rowdy team.

Fortunately for the sleep-deprived Pig number one, “pigs are nicer than they look.” When her companions recognize their rude behaviour, they discreetly make their exit, counting back down from ten to one, when the first pig is finally able to close her heavy eyes.

Masse’s colourful acrylic illustrations prove an ideal companion to Bailey’s playful rhyming text. The lavish illustrations depict so much mayhem that each fresh viewing reveals new entertaining detail. With a number of oblique textual and artistic references to the work of William Shakespeare, the book contains enough material to entertain adult readers so that caregivers will enjoy sharing this bedtime story with family preschoolers. Whether a young child fighting against sleep, or a parent trying to induce it, this is an enjoyable book for young and old.” Gregory Bryan Review



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  1. March 2, 2011 1:25 am

    Hey Shep – should probably be emailing but… I’m lazy and already here reading around. Check out this adorable nursery – saw it a while back and book marked it… now I’m looking for inspiration, saw it, and thought of you.

    Love the natural elements!

    Calli xo

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